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I am sure you may know about the EVE LOM cleanser as "probably the best cleanser in the world" that it has consistently been the NO.1 most sold product for the last 15 years.  I was very excited when we first brought the EVE LOM whole line here at Unineed.com, and I was thinking to myself ‘Finally, EVE LOM at Unineed!!’.

I wanted to write a blog post on EVE LOM for a long time, but I wasn’t sure what it should be on, the cleanser, again?  'You know what? Use this cleanser, wash your face properly, take it off with this cloth - use a cloth to wash your face, stop being lazy.' It does got people washing their faces properly. But let’s make one thing clear, the EVE LOM Cleanser is one of the best products in the world, but the brand is more now than just a cleanser. Eve Lom at Unineed.com is more than one product, and our customers love the whole line, for example EVE LOM RESCUE MASK, EVE LOM WHITE BRIGHTENING CREAM, MUSLIN CLOTHS etc. as well as us! So, after some research I have decided to write something a bit different from a typical brand review, so here you are 4 things you did not know about Eve Lom (she and the brand):

Image result for EVE LOMa: Must-Have Products - Find them at Unineed now!

EVE LOM cleanser – Surely, it is the most popular products and I know why! After years of searching for a suitable cleansing product which takes good care of my skin I accidentally came across the EVE LOM cleanser on a blog post on cult products.

EVE LOM RESCUE MASK – Not just a clay mask and exfoliator but an emergency quick fix mask too! I also like how it has this interesting depuffing action for eyebags.

EVE LOM WHITE BRIGHTENING CREAM – Brightening Ingredients make this cream big difference.

b: Eve’s grandmother was a ‘witch doctor’, who would send Eve to gather herbs as a child for her patients, this is where her interest for herbalism started. She fled Czechoslovakia and ended up working as a dancer in Paris, then married Herbert Lom, a French actor, and moved to Hollywood!  When she moved to London in the early ‘80s she felt inspired to open a beauty salon. There and then she started experimenting again with various simple skincare recipes, and decided to bring out on the market the cleanser! 

c: Eve Lom is created to simplify women’s skincare routine, and use less products at a higher quality. Eve is a firm believer that women use too much product and they should focus on cleansing and letting the skin breathe!

d: There are facial techniques created to apply the products in the most effective way! The cleanser is a cult product, but other products within the line are award winning! 

I hope you have enjoyed this light read, and inspired you to better care for your skin, and make it you best asset! Let me know what you think, and keep an eye out for Eve Lom offers here at Unineed.com!

Love xx

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