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Furla Accessories

  1. RRP: £290.00

    Our Price: £248.99

    Why you need this: Classic Furla Pin Tote S Satchel in Vaniglia cream. A sophisticatedly structured bag for everyday use.

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  2. RRP: £305.00

    Our Price: £248.34

    Why you need this: This Genziana Blue Pin Tote M Saffiano by Furla is the perfect bag for day to day wear. Functional yet fashionable in this stand-out shade of blue.

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  3. RRP: £330.00

    Our Price: £249.99

    The padlock of the Furla Metropolis Jungle minibag in textured leather is decorative yet strongly recognizable. The inside of this women's bag is lined with moiret fabric. The external decoration depicts the silhouette of a cat. It can be carried as a crossbody bag or as a shoulder bag; thanks to its removable shoulder-strap in leather.

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