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La Prairie Cellular Night Elixir - 20ml
La Prairie Cellular Night Elixir - 20ml
La Prairie Cellular Night Elixir - 20ml
La Prairie Cellular Night Elixir - 20ml


product description
La Prairie Cellular Night Elixir - 20ml
One drop at night, newborn skin by morning. Platinum Rare Cellular Night Elixir transcends everything you thought you knew about youthful skin.

A unique formula drawn from La Prairie's heritage of bold scientific quests and audacious innovation, it reawakens and transforms the skin. Cellular Night Elixir is simply the most powerful rejuvenating potion to emerge from the La Prairie laboratories. It supports the four functions essential to the skin's complete regeneration process, helping it to detoxify and be nourished, to breathe and boost its own immunity. For the first time ever, these four key functions are addressed in a single, extraordinary formula.

Cellular Night Elixir offers the highest concentration of La Prairie's exclusive Cellular Complex, combined with the Advanced Platinum Complex, a unique blend of rare, active ingredients.

Encourages the detoxifying process
Provides skin with life-infusing nutrients
Helps improve skin's respiration
Boosts skin's self-defense capacities
Skin's texture and elasticity are improved, the appearance of lines and wrinkles is visibly reduced and the skin emanates the radiance of youth
Apply PM afyer cleansing and toning. Dispense a single drop into the palm of the hand. Using fingertips, smooth gently over entire face, avoiding eye area. Allow to abosrb completely. Follow with Platinum Rare Cellular Cream.
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